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    Work Works by Design
    A Design Service for Innovative Organizations

We are a design service that helps organizations to create, test and adopt innovative HR practices

Our Impact Goals

Improve Employee Experience

Modern work environments are overwhelming for people, resulting in decreased productivity, satisfaction and employee engagement at work. We help organizations design HR practices that improve the employee experience, enable greater productivity and engagement and increase overall happiness at work.

Drive Business Results

Organizations want to get rid of HR Practices that are ‘check the box’ activities, reviled by users or offer no measurable benefits to the business. Our process helps you identify the right problems to solve, set success measures, validate solutions that work and measure the effectiveness of impact to the business.

Prepare for the Future of Work

The fourth Industrial Revolution is driving change in the workplace at a pace not seen before, impacting business strategy and people in the organization. We help you prepare for change, adapt new capabilities to compete and design approaches that minimize the negative impacts on people in the organization.

Our Services

Design Preparation

We help you identify problems to solve and root cause issues, create success metrics and design challenges

Human Centered Research

We conduct qualitative research to understand human experience, gain insights & feedback to improve design

Design Facilitation

We facilitate design workshops that expand your thinking, resulting in creative ideas and prototypes

Design Sprints

We help to implement and track experiments, iterate designs and validate ideas

Measurement and Validation

We support creation of metrics, measure results that enable decision making and long term effectiveness

Capability Development

We strive to increase design capability in your organization, and teach innovation process. Demos live here.

Our Process

  1. Prepare

    Understand root causes of problems and create design challenge

  2. Research

    Explore user experiences to inspire ideas and potential solutions

  3. Design

    Brainstorm and create innovative ideas

  4. Try Experiments

    Test with users and iterate on ideas

  5. Measure Results

    Track progress, validate effectiveness measure long-term results

Our Team

Karrie Sullivan
Karrie Sullivan
CEO / Founder
Celine Lenoble
Celine Lenoble
User Research Program Manager
Matthew Ayers
Matthew Ayers
Technical Advisor

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