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    Work Works
    A workplace innovation incubator ™

Our mission is to make work actually work for People, Companies, and Communities at Large

Our Services

Innovation Design Workshops

We conduct design workshops that create innovative workplace practices and change. We specialize in workshops focused on “Adapting to the Future of Work” and “Creating Healthy Work Environments.” We also teach an innovation design process to organizations.

Experiment Design

Experiments are a rapid, low-cost way to take an idea, test it and learn what works best. We partner with experts to design experiments for people & organizations to try out and tailor to solve specific problems. We incorporate the best experiments into our experiment library for others to leverage.

Experiment Tracker

We help you manage the innovation process by providing measurement frameworks, experiment tracking and reporting analytics. Our design coaching services support design iteration, solution development resourcing, change management and launch preparations.

Our Process

  1. User Research

    Explore user experiences to inspire ideas and potential solutions

  2. Data Diagnostics

    Understand root causes and create goals for experimentation

  3. Experiment Design

    Create or select experiments to test for possible solutions

  4. Experiment Tracker™

    Establish measurements, track progress, and analyze results

  5. Results

    Enable people and systems to innovate, adapt and change

Our Products

Innovation Design Workshops

Create innovative workplace practices and change. Collaborate, create experiments, and measure results.

Experience Innovation™

Build your organization capability in design thinking. Learn the innovation design process in a half-day team workshop. Demos live here.

Experiment Tracker™

Let us help manage your innovation process. Measurement and tracking, reporting frameworks, change management, design coaching, group facilitation and launch support.

Our Team

Karrie Sullivan
CEO / Founder
Celine Lenoble
User Research Program Manager
Matthew Ayers
Technical Advisor

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